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best vegetarian restaurants barcelona

Best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Many people might think that this spanish coastal city is good for seafood paella and ham-centric tapas. However, let me show you the huge variety of vegetarian spots that Barcelona offers to vegetarian people and that are actually on the rise.

Vegetarian restaurant barcelona

  • Flax & Kale

Located in the city center, this healthy hotspot offers raw foods, vegan options and gluten-free dishes along with ‘flexitarian’ creations containing lots of veggies and small amounts of animal protein. The menu also boasts cold pressed juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether you visit for lunch, dinner or weekend brunch, you’ll leave Flax & Kale extremely happy with it.

  • The Green Spot

A famous restaurant in the city and highly frequented by local people. Actually, it was created by its owners with the goal of being a restaurant for everyone – not just vegetarians. So this spot focuses more on featuring vegetables than calling the itself ‘vegetarian’. The international recipes incorporate tons of fresh produce, and everything you’ll find is flavourful, fun and made from legumes, seeds, nuts and herbs. 

  • Biocenter

Not just a restaurant for vegetarians but for everyone who wants to eat heatlhy with generous portions and different options at an incredibly good price

Vegetarian tapas barcelona

Can you find nice vegetarian tapas in Barcelona ? Definitely, the answer is yes. Nowadays, everyone can have the pleasure to enjoy tapas because restaurants offers great options to non-meat  eaters. Read on for finding places where you can go.

  • Teresa Carles

A pioneer of the vegetarian and health food scene in the city. In this restaurant, you will find a delicious vegetarian diet rich in fresh saldas, superfoods and cold soups.

  • Bar Celoneta

This all-vegan sangria bar by the beach is the only place in town with an entirely vegan tapas menu. If you are exclusively looking for vegetarian tapas, this is the place to go.

  • Sésamo

In the Raval, you will find this quirky vegetarian restaurant with a great-value seven-course tasting menu. The selection of dishes depends on the seasonal specials. Some of the house classics are deep-fried Padron peppers with a twist of lime juice and chili flakes, delicious!!!

Vegan food Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city and also vegan-friendly. In fact, you can find many vegan-friendly places offering even vegan indian food, vegan chinese food, vegan pizza or vegan sushi.

  • CactusCat Bar

Perfect if you are looking for a vegan full English breakfast. I fis a vegan restaurant near from MACBA museum.

  • The vegan Corner Barcelona

Excellent to stop for coffee and cake or sandwiches.

  • Cat Bar

One of the oldest vegan places in the city and place where you can find the Barcelona’s best vegan bravas.

To conclude, Barcelona has an excellent gastronomic offering. In this coastal city, you will not only find the best places to eat paella but also vegetarian and vegan meals, as we have seen. Moreover, it is an amazing city where you can relax in beautiful parks and visit cultural monuments.