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best place for paella in barcelona

Best place for paella in Barcelona

Even if Barcelona is a coastal city and Paella is offered in many restaurants menus, it is not easy to find a really good one. For this reason, we are going to help find the best place for paella in Barcelona.

How to identify the best place for paella?

As we said before, finding a good paella is difficult. The first recommendation is to avoid all the restaurants offers close to Las Ramblas or Sagrada Familia. In other words, avoid the most touristic zone of Barcelona. There you will find many restaurants offering paella but none of them offers a really good one unless you have a local source who has recommended you a specific place.

Secondly, do not eat paella in places where they have a photo of a paella on the menu outside. Usually, they are offering you bad ones.

Finally, avoid the places where the staff is standing outside trying to attract tourists. They normally offer bad quality paellas.

Vegetarian and vegan paella in Barcelona

Even if paella is a seafood dish, if you don’t like seafood do not worry.  You can also find both vegetarian and vegan rice dishes. There are many restaurants that specializes in rice dishes and that will offer a big variety of options to vegetarian and vegan people.

The best place for paella in Barcelona

Now, we will tell you some of the best restaurants where you can eat paella in Barcelona. However, remember that this list is pretty subjective so you might also find other amazing restaurants in Barcelona that are not in this list.

  • Pez Vela

In the Barceloneta Beach, just in front on the sea, you will find the Pez Vela restaurant. Excellent location, nice environment and tasty food. We highly recommend you to make a reservation a few days before because it is usually full, especially on weekends.

  • Terraza Martinez

Nice spot on the top on Montjuïc hill, incredible views and excellent food, especially rices.

  • Can Solé

With more than 100 years old, this restaurant is famous because of their excellent paellas, rices and fideuas. It is charmy and high quality food.

  • Arosseria Xátiva

A restaurant especialised on rises and paella, located in Gracia and Sants. There, you will find very good rises diches and also gluten free dishes for who need it.

  • Camping Mar

Casual and friendly restaurant located in ha secret location by the sea. Rice dishes are recommended. 

In conclusion, Barcelona has many delicious restaurants where you can enjoy the food with the sea in front of you. Also, it is an amazing city where you can relax in beautiful parks and visit cultural monuments.