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Best parks in Barcelona

Sometimes we need to breath, to find a green space in a busy city where you can relax, do sport, go for a walk or just take a rest. If you are looking for the best parks in Barcelona, this blog is perfect for you.

In fact, Barcelona has many green spaces. Even if they are not great for grandness, they are extremely original. Visit them and find yourself some shade in one of the city’s best parks.

Best green parks in Barcelona

  • Parc de la Ciutadella

In 1869, that space was part of the Catalonian Parliament. However, it was ceded to the city and transformed into Barcelona’s first public park which is now the biggest garden in Barcelona and the most important and vibrant public park in the city.

Moreover, it is especially known because of all the incredible things that offers to everyone. For example, there is the zoo, the massive monumental waterfall, a goose-speckled lake with rowboat rental and tons of little shady hills where locals go on picnics. Also, you will find the Zoology Museum and improvised shows to see on a summer day. Inside, you will be able to buy food, drinks and ice cream.

  • Laberint d’Horta

The most original park in Barcelona as well as the oldest. It has an spectacular vegetation and hidden treasures along the way. If you’re are looking for a romantic spot and you have the strange desire to get lost, then this park is perfect for you.

  • Carretera de les Aigues /Parc de Collserola

It is a 10km long trail in the upper portion of the city. In fact, the route is totally flat but at 450 meters above the city. As a result, you will have an amazing view of the city. Local people usually do sport there and get some fresh air escaping from the chaos of the city. You can access there by walking but we highly recommend you to get there by bus.

  • Parc de Cervantes

Designed by a famous architect, it has an amazing sunset view. It has 245 varieties of roses, you will find pretty much any shape or colour imaginable. Visiting the park in may gives you the opportunity to see over 150,000 roses in bloom. You can go for a walk, bike ride or looking for some relax.

Best cultural parks

  • Park Güell

Built by Antoni Gaudi, the legendary Catalan architect. Consequently, this park is one of the greatest symbols and tourist  attractions in the city and actually in Europe.

In fact, the park is divided into 2 parts: the “Monumental Zone”, where you can find the most recognized portions of the park and the “Free Zone” which is more a backyard garden.

The monumental zone is known principally because of the emblematic ceramic medallions bearing the name Park Güell. Also, the two trencadís-speckled buildings on either side that look like gingerbread houses from Hanzel and Gretel. In addition, the twin-flight dragon stairway entrance is flanked by two grotto terraces. And finally, you will find the famous tile-shard mosaic dragon, the park’s celebrity. We also recommend you to keep walking and get to the Banc de Trancadis, a long bench covered in ceramics created by Josep Maria Jujol, one of Gaudi’s closest contemporaries.

The free zone takes the 92% of the park so you can explore a huge, wild and garden-like space. Walking around, you will find the famous Gaudi House Museum and different sculptures.

  • Montjuic

Close to the coast, you will discover this massive urban hill. We encourage you to explore it by bicycle or on foot. It is a great urban escape that offers wild forest, tamed gardens, panoramic views, a castle, a stadium and a few incredible bars, well the city’s coolest bars.

  • Parc Joan Miró

One of best parks to visit in Barcelona for a quick visit. There are nice bike paths, a basketball court and also a bocce spot. It is known because of the centre-piece statue “Dona I Ocell” designed by Joan Miró.

To sum up, Barcelona is an amazing city that not only is famous because of its cultural monuments but also for its gastronomy and its incredible restaurants.